SABIC inaugurated Saudi Arabia’s first Human Resources (HR) Think Tank on December 12, 2018 at the company’s headquarters in Riyadh. This initiative is part of its effort to promote fresh thinking that will develop the high quality people and skills needed to propel the Kingdom towards continued, future economic success.

High-ranking HR officials from numerous ministries and governmental bodies in the Kingdom attended the three-day event. Executives from SABIC and other private and public organizations participated in a series of interactive sessions that highlighted the best HR practices that enable individuals and teams to succeed.

Through the initiative, SABIC seeks to develop its people and help unlock their full potential. SABIC’s efforts are rooted in its expertise in the field of human resource development and based on the company’s priorities and values, which include engagement and inspiration.

The initiative enables SABIC employees to develop their performance through useful dialogues and continuous communication with specialists to gain new insights into improving performance and keeping pace with shifts in work in various fields. The initiative also provides tools to build professional culture such as online seminars, periodicals and more.

The Think Tank was first announced during last year’s HR Forum held at SABIC. It provides a forum for HR leaders to share best practices and views on how high potential talent can best be identified and developed.

The initiative is expected to provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge across the HR community in the Kingdom. It will also establish permanent meetings of experts and human resources leaders to learn from and engage with each other and work together to find effective solutions to human resources challenges.