Project Description:

Designing, creating, and implementing a Unified -HR modelorganizational and administrative structure for the general
departments of HR in all ministries.

Project Scope:

  • Creating unified structure for the general departments Of HR.
  •  Establishing integrated and unified HR policies and procedures.
  •  Establishing a mechanism to ensure continuity in performance.
  • At least ensuring that HR policies and procedures are implemented
  • at its minimum requirements.
  • Creating a National Center to assess and to measure performance and overall the effectivity of HR.

Team members:

  • Dr. Faten Al-Sari (Team Leader)
  • Mr.Mogren Al-Mogren
  • Mr.Matieb Al- Zahrani
  • Mr.Bassam Al-Enezi
  • Ms.Reem Al.eedi
  • A member from SABIC