Project description:

The primary purpose of the project is to create a platform that enables hr leaders and hr practitioners in the Saudi ministries to communicate, and to interact with each other, so they can exchange experiences as well as they can find solutions to new challenges.

Project Scope:

  • To set an official framework the social gathering under the umbrella of Saudi HR Think Tank.
  • To allocate official sponsors for social gathering (in term of funding).
  • To organize the governance structure and the mechanisms by which governance is implemented.
  • To identify the rules and responsibilities.
  • To interact and to communicate.
  • To exchange experiences.
  • To transfer knowledge and success stories.
  • To generate solutions for hr challenges.


Team members

  • Mr. Mazen Al-Hamoud (Leader)
  • Mr. Khaled Al-Harbi
  • Mr. Nouaf Aldhabib
  • Mr. Hassan Alshahri
  • Mr. Bader Alhouamli
  • A member from Sabic