Project description:

The primary purpose of this program is to exchange experiences and talented employees between government agencies (entities) each other; by the same token, between the public and private sector entities.  Several means such as secondment and job rotation will allow the two sectors to benefit from sharing their talented employees.   

Project Scope:

  • Creating policies and regulations governing talents exchange and their training among various sectors.
  • Sending (exchange) talented employees on assignments or secondments.
  • Such practice will promote fair competition and prevent causing harm to other organizations (reducing attrition rate and employees turnovers).
  • Raising awareness about the importance of talent exchange and rotating employees cross organizations.
  • Enteral rotation.
  • Rotating hr employees with their counterparts in other organization.
  • Conducting a critical roles assessment and, conducting talents assessment

Team Members:

  • Mr. Nasser Alhuamied
  • MS.Asma Aladeeb
  • Mr. Mohammed Alamri
  • Dr. Ibrahim Alghamdi
  • A member from Sabic